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Farmers Insurance has done it again. "How does a company stay in business operating like this? I am going to send a link to this site in every personal e-mail I write for the next year."

About 6 months ago my son had my car, 2003 Honda Civic, at a friends graduation party. While parked and at the party, a young girl named Elizabeth Johnson from Austin, MN who is insured by Farmers, backs into the car and damages the bumper. You know how it is these days with cars, in order to get the car fixed the right way you have to replace the bumper. Well, the damage gouged the bumper good enough that it had to at least be repainted. My son did not call the police because he was being a nice guy and the young woman was rather nervous. (His mistake no. 1) But the young woman assured him that she would take responsibility to have the damage she caused fixed. Mistake number 2. Get things in writing.

Anyway, the damage caused was estimated at $413 just to repaint. To repair the bumper right would be to replace the whole bumper $530. There was a crack in the bumper on the other side that I had intended to fix but this other scrape happened in the mean time. I was only asking the Johnsons to fix what they did. I think anyone out there would do the same. So, the insured parties ( by now the girls dad is involved) don't feel they should have to pay for the damage in the full amount because of the "prior damage." They made it sound like we were driving the car around and trying to find someone to run into us. Unbelieveable!!

In the meantime, thinking the people were going to show some integrity and pay for their damage, I was able to get the bumper fixed for $350. This price was about $75 dollars less than the estimate to just to paint the damage young Elizabeth caused. The Johnsons still don't think they should have to pay for the full amount of their damage. I get in contact with Farmers Insurance and everybody I talk to from their agent to right down to the adjusters think we are doing everybody involved a favor and trying to save everyone involved money. Well, Farmers final adjusters determine that because there was prior damage they are only gonna pay for 50% of the damage. I am not talking about 50% of the initial estimate either. 50% of the $350 that I was able to get as a result of a little shopping around.

So, yesterday I get the check from Farmers and the adjuster even had the gall to include a Farmers insurance brochure! Can you believe the audacity?!! I know this testimonial pales in comparison to the other real shaft jobs that Farmers has been listed as doing on this website. It is just the point, that if they will screw you on the little one's, you can bet your bottom dollar they will screw you on the big claims.

This site is unreal. How does a company stay in business operating like this? I am going to send a link to this site in every personal e-mail I write for the next year.

D. Alan


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