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Farmers Insurance, Clear Technologies and Transax's Automating PIP Claims Software

If you are an employee and would like to share your Farmers Insurance horror stories feel free to post them in our forum. Thanks to Manager X for sharing this information with us.

"There is a company called Clear Technologies that Farmers began doing business with about 1.5 years ago. Farmers contracted Clear to create something called Transax. Transax was supposed to automate several of the claims handling processes in order to allow computers to handle claims (PIP claims), not people. Clear took on the contract with the idea that they would not see a dime until Transax actually worked. Ultimately, Farmers jumped the gun and began having management lay-off employees, as they would no longer be needed if a computer could handle the claims. The only problem is - it didn't work. Of course, those laid off were either forced into early retirement or just flat pushed out the door. After some research, it turns out one of Clear's heaviest investors is Martin D. Feinstein (ex-CEO of Farmers Insurance). Farmers Claims Representatives and Claims Associates in the PIP operation were bullied and threatened into learning and implementing Transax. The PIP director and several of his cohorts went around to each PIP office and basically told everyone "learn it or be fired." Another example of the many things wrong at Farmers Insurance."

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