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Farmers Insurance Destroyed My Life

I would like to expose Farmer's for how they have destroyed my life and maybe it will help someone else.

I puschased a policy from Farmer's in 1992 a course of construction loan until the home was completed. My agent agent was informed that the home was finished. He said he would set the proper limits to cover my home.

In 2001 I was a single mom and had to refinance my home. I informed my agent that I have made several improvements and that I would like t go over my policy, he said he would review it and get back to me.

Well he never did and I stopped by his office several times but the office was closed, I made calls to his office but not one was returned. I called his main office to complain they said they would look into it.

A year latter after no one listening to me or returning my calls I received a letter that I now have a new agent. This agent Farmer's assigned to me was an hour away from my home. I called Farmer's main office once again. I was informed they would look into it an get back to me. I was told to call the agent to have me released so a local agent could help me. I left a message with Mr. Bloomfield in twenty nine Palms Ca. he never returned my call.

I left several messages with the agent I was given but he never returned my calls. I then spoke to my father because I new he had Farmer's at one time. He said he has an agent in Yucca Valley where I live. I asked what happened to our agent Larry Jay? my father said he was fired by Farmers.

I new my coverage was not enough I had made so many improvements to my home but no one would help me.

Around June 12th I called the local agent Charles Willis hoping I could get someone to help me. Mr. Willis was unable to find my policy even after I had given him the number over the phone. He finally found it and said my ex husband was on the policy. My ex husband had not been on my policy for at least four years, after I refinanced my home he was removed.

Mr. Willis set up an appointment to help go over my policy I was told, he also said he could look at my auto coverage. I explained to Mr Willis I was fine with my insurance company for my vehicles but needed help for my home.

The day I was to meet Mr. Wiilis I was running late because I had to work over. I called Mr. Willis and said I would be there but a few minutes behind our set appointment. He said that was fine but he could not help me with my homeowner policy until Mr. Bloomfield released me as his agent. All Mr Willis was wanting from me was to sale a auto policy in which I had already informed him I was not interested.

Mr. Willis went on to say that if I came into the office to write another letter to Mr. Bloomfield so he could release me as his agent. I became very upset stating I made several attempts to contact Mr. Bloomfield along with faxing my policy to Farmers main office in Pocatello, Idaho. With no response.

I told Mr. Willis I was not interested in Farmer's auto insurance, I had them for several years prior and the policy was not affordable for me with the amount of coverage they were offering to cover. I told him never mind I will contact Farmer's main office to get this straight once and for all.

On July 11th 2006 the Sawtooth fire destroyed my home. I was assigned an adjuster for Farmer's Holly Trimble. The first day I was able to see my home and all the destruction. Mrs Trimble insisted I record the events that happened over the past tow years with Farmer's. I had to sit in her car facing my home recording all the events hat had taken place with Larry Jay and all the other agents.

I was also informed by Mrs Trimble that Mr. Bloomfield had no idea he was my agent. After demanding an updated policy from Farmer's I noticed my address was listed as Twenty-nine Palms and not Pioneertown which I had resided for the past fourteen years.

Two weeks after the fire I received a renewal letter in mail dated July 31st from M. Bloomfield stating he could get me a 16% discount on my policy for being such a good customer with Farmers with no claims.

Now here is a man that is supposed to not know who I am yet he is sending me a renewal letter two weeks after my home was destroyed. I tried to contact Mrs. Trimble but a recording stated she would be out for the next four weeks and I was assigned to another adjuster.

I feel I have been completely railroaded by Farmer's even if I do not win in court I will do everything and anything to prevent this from happening to other family's. The amount that Farmer's has given me will not even build a 1,000 sq ft home. So at this time after the rent money runs out my daughter and I will be forced to rent elsewhere because I cannot rent the home I'm currently in on my income.

As far as the low government loan I applied for after the Governor declared our area a disaster. I still do not qualify for enough to rebuild my home being a single mother on my income.

I have aslo learned five other family's that had the same agent Larry jay are in the same boat as I, some have other resources to rebuild the rest have given up, I refuse to let Farmer's win when I am in the right.

Cindi R.

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