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The Texas Department of Insurance "had a very low opinion of them and gets so many complaints about Farmers, they were like.. Oh.. Farmers again... "

I had Farmers.. My 4 wheel drive Silverado 3/4 ton pickup was stollen. They drug their feet on the claim for 3 months, knowing I was a contractor and could not work without a pickup. I lost my apartment due to being unable to work, then they all but accused me of having my truck stollen to collect the insurance... WTF? I had over $4000 in uninsured tools in that truck!

Finally they gave me $8000 for a $14,000 pickup, told me I could get 4 wheel drive, extended cab, long bed 3/4 ton pickups 'anywhere' for that, then told me if I wanted to contest the settlement, it would take up to a year. They knew damm well I was homeless already and under duress I had to sign for a check for far less then my pickup was worth.

If I could sue them, I would.... I still feel they owe me another $6000... and maybe something for the pain and suffering I went through due to their business practices. I was treated horribly during the whole thing, after my truck and livelyhood was yanked from me by a car thief. On top of everything else, the premiums I paid on that truck were DOUBLE what I pay now on a truck worth $16,000

I reported them twice to the Texas Dept of Insurance for taking so long on the claim just to get them to even process the claim. TDI had a very low opinion of them and gets so many complaints about Farmers, they were like.. Oh.. Farmers again...

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