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Former Farmers Insurance Agent says, "They had absolutely no problem with trying to screw over one of their own agents"

Around 1990, my wife was hit by a Farmers insured. At the time, I was a Farmers Insurance Agent myself, and had been, for about 13 years. Of course, we were also insured by Farmers, thru my own Agency. My wife suffered substantial injuries, and my vehicle sustained SEVERAL thousands of dollars worth of damage. My wife was told by her physician, that she easily had a $50,000.00 case if she wanted to sue Farmers. But we didn't want to do that, ESPECIALLY to "my own Company"!
I told the Farmers claims manager "up front", that we had NO intentions of sueing, we only wanted our car repaired and our medical bills paid, and that was it. This is how my own claims office treated us: my vehicle just sat ignored, at one of our "preferred" repair facilities. A repair that SHOULD HAVE taken 30 days, took 6 months! In addition, although I personally knew the Branch Claims manager, he TRIED to get my wife to sign off on her medical bills, BEFORE she was even done with her treatments! It became painfully clear, that Farmers worked on a different set of morals. Even though I was trying to be fair to them, they had absolutely NO PROBLEM with trying to screw over one of their own Agents! By the time our claim was settled, I truly wished that we HAD sued them, for EVERYTHING we could get!
I felt betrayed by Farmers, and I lost all respect for them. Prior to this claim, I thought I would be with Farmers until I retired, but I became so disgusted with them, that I ended up quitting the Company soon thereafter.
Regards, Craig

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