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(2006) News about Farmers Insurance Group

Farmers Insurance assigns fault to other driver even if it is not their fault? "It is often a reason to assign a percent of fault to the other driver, even where an adjuster knows darn well their own insured is entirely at fault.” I was told by a retired claims adjuster with Farmers Insurance, Bob West of Bakersfield." When you are at fault. 5/31/2006 Editor: A Farmers Insurance Adjuster has told me that Farmers Insurance encourages comparative negligence (also known as C-N or Comp-Neg).  This is when the adjuster tries to assign some portion of fault to the other driver even if they weren’t at fault.  This is a disgusting practice.
The story continues, "The danger is that when a claims adjuster refuses to accept responsibility or to offer a reasonable settlement, you are at risk of being sued. Some of the largest insurance companies in the nation just do not care, often with consequences for the insured that, “steal your time and easily lead to serious emotional distress and financial harm -- such as a negative credit report, merely for being sued. We all worry when sued, and because of a low-ball settlement offer, so many suits have been filed against good people who have been treated badly by their own insurance company,” my colleague believes." Editor: Farmers Insurance uses this practice. They low-balled me and I had to sue their insured and we won the lawsuit so their innocent insured's credit gets hit. I explained this in the past in Farmers Insured's Credit Hit Unexpectedly.

Farmers Insurance Fined $1 Million
"The violations and complaints include: claims handling delays; failure to commence investigation of a claim within 15 days, failure to properly notify policyholders of the need for additional investigation time, failure to pay a claim within 30 days after liability was accepted, and failure to respond to the Department within 21 days of receipt of communication from the Department." 
See full story: Insurance Journal 1/24/2006
"This fine should send a message to all companies that this Department will not tolerate mistreatment of policyholders."
Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi Announces $1 Million Fine Against Farmers Insurance Group 1/24/06

In California, Farmers Insurance keeps 62.3% of each premium dollar after making payments for claims In a study called “Lower Claims, Higher Profits: Where Do Your Premium Dollars Go?” it was disclosed the historically low loss ratios that Farmers Insurance and other insurers have experienced over the past two years. Commissioner Garamendi stated, “However, it is my duty to uphold the law that requires that insurance company profits not be excessive. I am determined to fulfill my responsibility, ensuring that premiums paid by California homeowners do not exceed what is necessary for insurers to pay claims and earn a reasonable profit.” 9/8/2006

Farmers Insurance Group had Second Most Home Complaints in Texas Combining Farmers Insurance Exchange and Fire Insurance Exchange (57+33=90), Farmers Insurance Group had the second Most Justified Complaints in Texas according to the Texas Department of Insurance 2005 Homeowners Complaint Index. 2005 Home

Farmers Insurance Ordered to Pay Minnesota Auto Glass Company more than $1.2 Million for Short Pays "Farmers Insurance has been ordered to pay Minnesota based Glass Service Company more than $1.2 million for previously short paid glass claims."..."These awards and the subsequent court order make it clear that insurance companies don't get to unilaterally set reimbursement rates. As Farmers is learning, the amount owed is the amount dictated by the insurance policy, not some arbitrary lesser amount the insurer simply wants to pay." 10/5/06 Full Story

Navigating the Farmers Insurance National Domination Conglomerate “Gee, Farmers does a great job of providing a clear understanding of the claims process with four different adjustors from four different States assigned to my one medical claim and correspondence coming from yet another State."..."Navigating the Farmers Insurance national domination conglomerate is more painful than my whiplash!" See Blog. Editor: Welcome to the world of Farmers Insurance claims and be prepared to be low-balled.

If you have a complaint against your insurance company contact your insurance commissioner See Did Race Effect Katrina Insurance Settlements (video). Here is a link to help you find your State Insurance Commisisoner.

Farmers Insurance to stop rating California drivers by Zip Code Farmers Insurance, the second largest insurer in California with 9.7% of the market, said it decided to set rates primarily by using a motorist's driving record instead of their Zip code. "Your driving record is more important than the ZIP code where you live," Garamendi said. Full Story

Farmers Insurance Overpriced Eleanor Cedergren,who drives a 1991 Pontiac 6000 and was insured by Farmers Insurance, was paying $100 more a month than the average Minnesota driver. "It is the reason why it pays to occasionally shop around for insurance. After 37 years with the same insurance company, Eleanor Cedergren is now doing that." Eleanor switched to American Family Insurance ( See full story at
This is consistent with the fact that J.D Power and Associates gave both Farmers Insurance Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance its WORST rating for pricing. See Farmers Insurance Rated Worst for those details.

More Farmers Insurance Bad Faith? Farmers Insurance sells a policy to Kraut with “retain stacking of my underinsured motorist coverage.” Kraut suffered severe injuries in a collision with an underinsured vehicle. When he made claim against Farmers Insurance for underinsured benefits, the defendant took the position that the coverages of the two policies could not be stacked!! The court states, "I have carefully reviewed the labyrinthine language of the policies in question, and can find no provision which deprives plaintiff (Kraut) of the stacked coverage for underinsured benefits that he applied for, and paid for. See Kraut v. Farmers New Century Insurance Company 6/21/2006 Editor: Farmers Insurance will get you back where you court. Farmers Insurance will make you fight for what is rightfully yours.

A Happy Farmers Insured? Not. "They all suck but apparently Farmers Insurance Group sucks even more."..."And what else? Farmers Insurance decided that we didn’t deserve a rental car while the car was in the shop."..." I am boiling with anger now. Instead of 2 deductibles ($1500 total), I am stuck with over $3500 in out of pocket expenses." Farmers Insurance Sucks

Farmers Insurance to raise its premiums by average of 33.4% in Louisiana "Meanwhile, Ruiz also criticized the rate increase approved for Farmers, the latest of 20 double-digit hikes granted since Hurricane Katrina. Ruiz questioned the accuracy of the hurricane model the company used to establish rates in coastal and other high-risk areas."..."Homeowners in coastal parishes and those that suffered the most damage from hurricanes Katrina and Rita could see their rates jump as much as 118 percent, according to Farmers’ rate filing. The new rates go into effect in mid-January."...“Insurance companies are getting anything they ask for because we’re in a total mayhem of deregulation,” Ruiz said after the meeting. 10/19/06

Measure 42 challenges credit checks "Garcia and Consumers Union question that assertion. As an example, they say that after Farmers Insurance Co. began using credit scoring to rate its policies in Ohio, the company said that 94 percent of its policyholders received a discount. But the reality was that only 50 percent received a discount, because Farmers raised the base rate of 49 percent of its customers when it started using credit scoring, Consumers Union says. After base rates were raised, policyholders who received a 40 percent discount were still paying 20 percent more than before credit scoring was used."

Farmers Insurance Persistently Spams? (Warning: the following web site contains profanities and nudity) Farmers Insurance Unsolicited "Career" Emails

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