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Farmers Insurance is Rated Worst!  

red According to State Department of Insurance reports Farmers Insurance has the MOST COMPLAINTS in California, Washington, Texas, Oregon, Kansas, Arizona, Colorado and more!

Consumer Reports rates Farmers Insurance homeowner insurance "Worse" for both "Problems with Claim" and "Delayed Payments".

red ball Better Business Bureau assigned Farmers Insurance an "F", its worst rating.

redJ.D Power and Associates gives Farmers Insurance it's Worst Rating for Collision Repair "Overall Experience", "Claim Settlement", "Claim Representative" and "Claim Process & Procedures"

farmers FBIC rates Farmers Insurance: One Of The 5 Worst U.S. Bad Faith Insurer Records..

farmers insurance sucks red ball In Consumer Report's ratings of overall satisfaction with auto insurance companies, Farmers Insurance was one of the Worst!

farmers insurance sucks red ballIn a Consumer Reports survey Farmers Insurance was one of the "Poorest Performers" in paying off claims in 30 days or less.

redJ.D Power and Associates gives Farmers Insurance it's Worst Rating for Auto Insurance "Claims Handling" and "Pricing".

redJ.D Power and Associates gives Farmers Insurance it's Worst Rating for Homeowners Insurance "Pricing".

red Body Shops rate Farmers Insurance worst.

red Collision repair shops rated Farmers Insurance below-average with a grade of D plus or worse.

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Details!

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If you do nothing else with this site, read the stories of the following victims of Farmers Insurance, this is just a taste of what Farmers Insurance is capable of.
Barbara Martin
Ethel Adams
Mary Mulcahy

While you are at it read what former Farmers Insurance Senior Adjusters Robert Dietz and Christy Klein had to say about the company, you will be surprised.  I know this web site won't stop Farmers Insurance from mistreating others, but hopefully it will at least serve as a warning for consumers so they can drop Farmers Insurance before they need to file a claim and possibly be victimized as Barbara Martin, Ethel Adams, Mary Mucahy and the many, many others that have posted in our Farmers Insurance Complaint Forum.

Lowballed? Ripped off by Farmers Insurance?
Make sure to file a complaint with your Insurance Commissioner. Farmers Insurance is hoping you will just quietly go away.  Your experience and your voice should be heard, post your story.
Here are some starter links: File Complaint Farmers Insurance and see Farmers Insurance Low Ball You on a Settlement?

Farmers Insurance is a Bad Faith, Low-Balling, Claim Denying, Free Speech Quashing Company
This is a Free Speech Non-Commercial web site that is critical of Farmers Insurance.  It is unbelievable that Farmers Insurance has flown under the radar for so long treating its district managers, customers, agents, claims representatives, adjusters and direct repair program body shop's the way it does:
1. Farmers Insurance Claims Representatives had to file lawsuits to get paid their unpaid overtime ("Judge Jones further found that Farmer’s actions were willful and were not taken in good faith").
2. Farmers Insurance Adjusters had to file lawsuits to get paid their unpaid overtime (this resolved the largest overtime pay class action ever tried in the United States).
3. Farmers Insurance Customers had to file lawsuits after being low-balled or their claim denied.
4. Third party insured’s had to file lawsuits to get what is rightfully theirs.
5. Farmers Insurance Agents have grouped together to fight for their rights (United Farmers Agents Association).
6. Farmers Insurance utilized all its resources to try to stifle Free Speech and shut down this web site. It filed the lawsuit in federal court which lasted approximately 1 year and cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Farmers Insurance tries to stifle Free Speech).
7. Farmers Insurance pressures its direct repair program (DRP) or Circle of Dependendability (COD) body shops to utilize "aftermarket" parts for repairs which consequently cause bad auto repairs.

On the one hand Farmers Insurance pressures its State Offices, District Managers and Agents to SELL, SELL, SELL then on the other hand it gives incentives or applies pressure to its Adjusters to DENY CLAIM, LOW BALL, DENY CLAIM, LOWBALL. If the claim entails a car, the body shop is pressured to use aftermarket parts so the auto repair is crappy.  Farmers Insurance Adjusters receive monthly incentives if they pay less for claims, like $25 gift certificates or pizza parties for an adjuster and her team.   The crap Farmers Insurance sells as insurance should actually be called " false sense of security". Customers feel and think they are insured, but when a claim is filed, Farmers Insurance uses all its power and resources to lowball or deny the claim. Ethel Adam's said it correctly when she said, "This is everybody's worst nightmare. You know you have insurance -- you've paid for it -- and you've got these massive injuries. Then to be told, "No, you don't have coverage," it was like someone punched me in the stomach. It makes you physically ill." It seems everyone has to fight Farmers Insurance to get what is fair or rightfully theirs and Farmers Insurance is one of the largest insurers in the country!! Farmers Insurance is ruining peoples lives in their path to profitability,   lives both inside and outside of the company.  The purpose of this site is to educate people of Farmer’s bad faith low-balling, claim denying track record.  There is a reason they are rated worst and a reason they have the most complaints in many states, you could become one of those reasons if you are insured with Farmers Insurance.  It is time to hold Farmers Insurance accountable.

Farmers Insurance is one of the worst, if not the worst insurance company around as you will see by the many testimonials, lawsuits, allegations, number of complaints and articles on this site.  Consumer Reports rated 20 homeowner insurance companies based on their reader’s claim experience. Farmers Insurance was the ONLY company on the list that was rated "Worse" for both "Problems with Claim" and "Delayed Payments".  If you have Farmers Insurance drop them, if you’re hit by a Farmers insured sue them, if Farmers Insurance offers you a job or they want you to be an agent, tell them to "shove it" they can do their own dirty work!  Feel free to Bookmark this site.   Make sure to notify your friends and family of this web site!

Highlighted Complaints

Red "My car was stolen, completely stripped, and declared a total loss by Farmers....I always expect insurance companies to resist paying claims and to lowball, but I have to tell you, I never expected them to deliberately falsify information to attempt to defraud me! They should lose their business license for this!!!"..."Farmers hired an independent appraiser, at their cost, to appraise my vehicle. The appraised value is $6,795, a whopping $2,400 or 55% greater than Farmers' original offer."..."So, all you insurance victims out there, make sure you file your complaints with your state's insurance commissioner so they have the data they need to take legal action against unscroupulous insurance companies." See Post 6/26/2006

Red Save money on insurance with Farmers Insurance? Think Again! "Sure enough the agent told me that my rates would be about $250.00 a year cheaper then what I was currently paying."..."When I received my bank statement for April, they took out $214.89 instead of the agreed upon rate."..."Within two weeks I received a cancelation notice"..."Word of mouth is everything in this town, I can’t see them (Farmers Insurance) lasting here more than a couple months, and if I had my way the entire corporation needs to go out of business." 5/14/2007 Farmers Insurance Complaint Forum (3rd Post Down)

Red Farmers Insurance's Lowballing Bad Faith Underhanded Tactics: In this post Barbara states: "Joann Jackson, a CAT adjuster from Louisisana was sent to Arizona to look at our house. She spent a little less than an hour there, and per her request we had our GC there because she "really didn't know structural damage". Hello? Why did they send her when they knew our devastation to our home?"..."She gave us 5900.00 for the damage. She closed our claim, and she lied and said we did not have asbestos in our house after a drying out company ordered the test."..." In October we found out from the company that did the test that we have asbestos."..." Meanwhile, Farmers never found us temporary housing as stated in our Protection PLUS policy.".."I have linked this website to my emails - anyone and everyone will be aware of Farmers and their lowballing bad faith underhanded tactics." See Post Farmers Insurance Underhanded Tactics (near bottom of thread)

Red "I urge everyone to leave Farmers. Don't think these things won't happen to you, your turn just hasn't come around yet. But it will just when you need it most. Farmers does not put you back where you belong they just try to put you in your place, This should be evident by all the complaints and class action law suits." See Post (at bottom)

Red " I know this testimonial pales in comparison to the other real shaft jobs that Farmers has been listed as doing on this website.   It is just the point, that if they will screw you on the little one's, you can bet your bottom dollar they will screw you on the big claims. This site is unreal. How does a company stay in business operating like this? I am going to send a link to this site in every personal e-mail I write for the next year. " Farmers Insurance Complaint

Red "I lost my apartment due to being unable to work, then they all but accused me of having my truck stollen to collect the insurance... WTF? I reported them twice to the Texas Dept of Insurance for taking so long on the claim just to get them to even process the claim. TDI had a very low opinion of them and gets so many complaints about Farmers, they were like.. Oh.. Farmers again... " Farmers Insurance Complaint

Red "I hate Farmers Insurance - I have dealt with them in the past and they suck then, and they suck now! They take forever to process a claim, they don't return phone calls, and I had to call them because I got tired of waiting to receive a call regarding the accident. Again, Farmers Insurance is not an insurance company I would recommend to anyone in the future!"..."What are my rights to not receiving this "Voucher" or even telling them where my car is being repaired? Is it their business?" See Post

"I spent a month last year in the hospital eight days of which were in a coma. My brother suffered a brain injury and in coma for 39 days and ended up disabled for life and is on social security for the rest of his life."  See Post (and pictures!)

"My wife was transported from the scene via ambulance. The next day, she ended-up at the emergency room (again) to be shot-up with pain medication, as she was in scrutiating pain. THEN, she gets diagnosed with PTSD by a local shrink over the whole fiasco, and hasn't been the same since." See Post

"About 10 years ago, a major hail storm hit our neighborhood - everyone in Fridley got a new roof.  My next door neighbor (another farmers customer) had to fight to get her roof paid for.  My insurance company came and wrote me a check within 5 days of the storm. Farmers claimed her roof was in bad shape to begin with so they wouldnt replace it. Mine was a lot worse - I was going to get it replaced the following year. When the Fridley officials came out to look at the damage this last time, they were asking everyone who their insurance was through. When my neighbor told them Farmers, the official said - "oh, no". They obviously have a reputation." 1/26/2006 See Post

red Insured says Farmers Insurance... You can kiss my @$$ "If you have ever considered getting insurance from Farmers Insurance, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. What commodity does insurance deal in anyway? Trust... trust is the commodity of the insurance business, and Farmers Insurance can only be trusted to do one thing. Take your money with a smile, then cut and run when the chips are down." 1/29/07 See full post

"On 12/19/05, I had a fire in my 3000 sq ft custom built home. There was actual fire and water damage to 800 sq ft, including my home office, master bedroom, master bath and 2 large walk in closets. The smoke damage throughout the rest of the house was extensive and Farmers approved and deem it necessary to hire a fire & water restoration company to remove and clean all my household belongs at their offsite facility. They took everything that was cleanable from "beenie babies" to the refrigerator. The restorations companys bill now stands at $55000.
I have hired a contractor with 20 years of experience in fire restoration to do the structural work. My contractor's estimate stands at $96000. Farmers assigned my claim to a "newbie" inexperienced adjuster." 1/29/2006 See Post

See more Farmers Insurance Complaints (or submit one yourself)

Avoid all affiliates, subsidiaries, sister and related companies of Farmers Insurance Group including:

Domestic State Companies 
Farmers Insurance Exchange
Fire Insurance Exchange
Truck Insurance Exchange
Farmers Insurance Company, Inc. (A Kansas Corp.)
Farmers Insurance Company of Arizona
Farmers Insurance Company of Idaho
Farmers Insurance Company of Oregon
Farmers Insurance Company of Washington
Farmers Insurance of Columbus, Inc.
Farmers New Century Insurance Company
Farmers Group, Inc.
Farmers Reinsurance Company
Farmers Services Insurance Agency
Farmers Services Corporation
Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Company
Farmers Underwriters Association
Farmers Value Added, Inc.
Farmers Financial Solutions, LLC
FFS Holding, LLC
F.I.G. Holding Company
FIG Leasing Co., Inc.
FIG Travel, Inc.
Fire Underwriters Association
Foremost Insurance Company
Foremost County Mutual Insurance Company
Foremost Lloyds of Texas 
Illinois Farmers Insurance Company
Mid-Century Insurance Company 
Mid-Century Insurance Company of Texas
Prematic Service Corporation (California)
Prematic Service Corporation (Nevada)
Texas Farmers Insurance Company
Farmers New World Life Insurance Company
Farmers Annuity Separate Account A
Farmers Variable Life Separate Account A
Truck Underwriters Association
Civic Property and Casualty Company
Exact Property and Casualty Company
Bristol West Insurance
Neighborhood Spirit Property and Casualty Company
Zurich North America
Zurich Financial Services Group
21st Century Insurance


Farmers Insurance Red Latest Information about Farmers Insurance! I will add my latest posts to this site: Farmers Insurance Information. Feel free to share your story in our Forum!

Farmers Insurance Red Please Sign the Petition to Hold Insurance Companies Accountable in Michigan!! Read how Bristol West, which is owned by Farmers Insurance, stopped all of Kecia Milliner's personal injury protection for her five year who was hit by a speeding car and dragged from one driveway to the next. Read/watch story about Bristol West Insurance | Sign the Petition

Farmers Insurance Red Farmers Insurance Automatically Cut 20 Percent from Claims "As a former senior claims adjuster for Farmers Insurance Exchange and a nationally recognized claims practices expert, I know firsthand to what lengths insurance companies will go to save money by not paying claims. Many insurance companies tie employee salaries and bonuses to practices that encourage and condone the delay, denial, underpayment and forced litigation of claims."-Robert Dietz
Robert Dietz was a Senior Claims Adjuster for Farmers Insurance Exchange from 1987 until 2001. According to Robert, Farmers Insurance used Colossus to "automatically cut 20 percent from what they know they owe on a claim.” For details see Farmers Insurance Rob Dietz | Article on Farmers Lowballing

Farmers Insurance Red Watch video of Robert Dietz (former Senior Claims Adjuster for Farmers Insurance) despite Farmers Insurances push to stop R-67 in WA state it passed)

Farmers Insurance RedFarmers Insurance Internal Memos Released! According to memos from Farmers Insurance, Dietz and his colleagues’ salaries and bonuses were tied to practices that encouraged the delay, denial, underpayment and forced litigation of claims. One document encouraged adjusters to settle small claims below their value, adding adjusters should learn “…to say “sorry, no more,” with a toothy grin and mean it.” Make sure to read this document! This was taken from : Farmers Insurance Colossus Internal Memos!!

Farmers Insurance RedFarmers Insurance Urged Employees to Pay as Little as Possible on Claims Farmers Insurance Group of Los Angeles, the nation's fifth-largest auto insurer, had run nationwide promotions urging its employees to increase profits by paying as little as possible on claims." In June the North Dakota Department of Insurance fined Farmers Insurance $750,000. "Farmers gave employees goals to tighten payments and handed out bonuses when they met the objectives, the department found. Farmers' campaign, which included brochures and pep talks, had slogans such as ``Quest for Gold'' and `Bring Back a Billion.'". Farmers Insurance Urged Employees to Lowball Claims 12/27/07

New News

See All Farmers Insurance New News

Typical Farmers Insurance News

Farmers Insurance Life Insurance "It had been over three months since my stepfather's passing, our agent washed his hands clean of the situation, and the claims adjustor wouldn't speak to us. Even though my mother had opened all medical records back in January"..."It was official, Farmers was being untruthful and was in fact holding up the claim.".."Beyond the disrespect and unprofessionalism of the agents involved, my mother and I experienced a great of stress that came with living on a very limited budget and facing the prospect of losing our home.".."What it came down to was this: if we hadn't applied pressure on Farmers, they wouldn't have paid." See full story at Farmers Insurance Life Insurance

Ventilator-Dependent Quadriplegic alleges Farmers Insurance's administrative policies have introduced fear, paranoia, frustration, intimidation, anger, despair, and extreme tension. See letter: Farmers Insurance refuses to pay bills

Farmers Insurance won't pay for 83 year olds Monsoon Damage "We think they failed us," says Lucinda's daughter, Quenna McCraney. " She's been paying insurance here for 30 years and never filed a claim.". Farmers Insurance "waited two weeks, found a small amount of mold and stopped covering the entire loss, even though there is no dispute this is a storm damage claim and loss," 9/20/07 Full story at or Watch the Video!

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner fines Farmes Insurance a record $750K for Shortchanging Auto Insurance Policyholders Jim Poolman, N.D Insurance Commissioner fined Farmers Insurance $750K, the largest insurance company penalty in state history. "Poolman says Farmers Insurance had quotas for denying claims and assuming some were fraudulent. He says payments for some injuries were set according to predetermined ranges and weren't based on the merits of the claims. Poolman says the pay of some Farmers Insurance employees was pegged to whether they kept their insurance payouts down. He says it was an incentive to treat policyholders unfairly." In addition, Farmers instituted a goal to close a set percentage of claims without payment." 6/28/07| | Farmers Insurance Consent Order | Farmers Stipulation & Waiver | Market Conduct Exam

Farmers Insurance (Zurich) had the most complaints in Washington so it wasn't a surprise that Farmers Group (Zurich) was the top contributor (over $1.5 million) to repeal a law that would make it easier for people to challenge denied claims. See: R67 videos

Farmers Insurance Settles with California State for Violations "Farmers Insurance Group has refunded $1.4 million to holders of homeowners policies in California and has agreed to pay a $2 million fine. The settlement is part of the state’s efforts to make sure that homeowners are not penalized for what is commonly known as "use it and lose it" practices in the industry where policyholders who make claims lose their insurance or end up paying more for it. Farmers blames it on the darn computer." Among the many violations, Farmers Insurance often violated its own Property Experience Rating Plan rules by incorrectly surcharging a policyholder for claims that either were not claims or were otherwise not eligible for surcharge under the Property Experience Rating Plan. 9/5/07 For a full list of the violations see:

Farmers Insurance Fights Law that would Make it Illegal to Treat Customers Unfairly Farmers Insurance spent over $1.8 million dollars to fight a Washington state law that would make it illegal to treat customers unfairly. R67 was eventually approved by the voters in November 2007. Coincidentally, Farmers Insurance/Zurich had the most reported complaints to the Washington State Dept of Insurance in 2006. See Washington R67

Farmers Insurance Diminished Value/Car Rental Lessons Learned One man who considered taking Farmers Insurance to court over Diminished Value of his car wrote, "I also was so pissed at how the whole thing went over that I typed up a pretty detailed lessons-learned memo talking about how to approach Diminished Value cases (and rental car reimbursement).  It's a long read, because there are so many ways to get screwed" See Farmers Insurance Diminished Value Lessons Learned and Diminished Value Letter.

Boycott Farmers Insurance! Make Cards, Make Signs, Tell a Friend

Farmers Insurance Cards


Farmers Insurance Agent dumps files containing personal information in garbage Farmers Insurance Agent Greg Wolfe dumped some files containing personal client information — such as Social Security numbers, canceled checks, copies of driver’s licenses and more into a downtown trash bin. Included in the files was a large stack of quote sheets among the recovered documents, each one containing the Social Security numbers and names of current or potential clients. 9/19/07 This isn't the first time farmers insurance client information was found in the garbage, "The documents in the trash ranged from insurance policies to bills. And they all seemed to originate from the same Farmers Insurance office"..."Among the information contained in the documents found in the trash were Social Security and phone numbers, and addresses, most of them clearly labeled "confidential." Gees I may have to go out and buy some Farmers Insurance Identity Theft Coverage!!

Homeowners Find Insurance Companies Routinely Pay Less Than Policies Promise " Insurers often pay 30 percent to 60 percent of the cost of rebuilding a damaged home - even when carriers assure homeowners they’re fully covered, thousands of complaints with state insurance departments and civil court cases show."..."An internal e-mail introduced in the Farmers lawsuit shows the company had pressured its adjusters, whom it calls claims representatives, or CRs, to pay out smaller amounts - and rewarded them when they did. “As you know, we have been creeping up in settlements,” David Harding, a Farmers claims manager, wrote in an e-mail to employees on Nov. 20, 2001. “Our CRs must resist the temptation of paying more just to move this type file. Teach them to say, ‘Sorry, no more,’ with a toothy grin and mean it.” Harding praised a worker for making low settlements. “It can be done as Darren consistently does,” he wrote. “If he keeps this up during 2002, we will pay him accordingly.” 8/12/07

Farmers Insurance CEO Paul Hopkins to District Farmers Insurance CEO Paul HopkinsManager Paul Drockton - Don't talk to agents, staff and employess about these issues After President's Council Farmers Insurance District Manager Paul Drockton notifies current CEO Paul Hopkins about alleged Mormon discrimination, "Sexual Harassment" and "Religious Persecution" involving Farmers Agents, Hopkins replies "now do NOTHING regarding this issue..." and "you must continue to discharge your responsibities as business as usual without any discussions with agts., staff, and/or employess regarding these issues...".
See details
- Farmers Insurance Paul Hopkins Reponse to Drockton
- Farmers Insurance Mormon Discrimination Complaints (emails)

Farmers Insurance Employee with no proof of insurance? Jeanne Medina, who was driving a Farmers Insurance Dodge Magnum, was cited for not having proof of insurance and cited for a turning violation after cutting off a motorcycle. The motorcycle driver was airlifted to Thomason Hospital in El Paso. 5/30/07

farmers insurance dodge magnum

Farmers Insurance Denies Coverage, Claims Arson A fire occurs at the Canton Super Buffet Restaurant in Ava. Ban T. Nguyen submits a claim to his insurance company Farmers Insurance. Farmers Insurance then files suit against Nguyen alleging the fire was intentionally set and that someone concealed or misrepresented facts about the fire damage.5/21/07 How is that for getting you back where you belong? This isn't the first time Farmers Insurance denied a claim and accuses the victim of arson. Tom alleges this is a tactic Farmers Insurance frequently uses to low-ball or deny a claim. Also Paul of Prescott Valley, AZ told his Farmers Insurance adjuster, "...I told him that he had no right accusing me of arson." Paul's Story

Farmers Insurance fined in Oregon for Breaking Law Farmers Insurance and sister company Mid-Century Insurance Co were each fined $20,000. "Examiners found more violations at Mid-Century than at Farmers, including the failure to investigate claims in a timely manner and the failure to adequately document claim files. Mid-Century also failed to settle claims timely and fairly when liability was reasonably clear, examiners found. Both Mid-Century and Farmers failed to meet standards for settlements when a vehicle is determined to be a total loss. For example, the companies wrongly used cars that weren't comparable by body style or mileage to estimate values." 4/12/07

Farmers Insurance Lowballs Mother and Deceased Unborn Child (This is Ethel Adams all over again) "Take Tosha Mowry's case: In October 2005, she was 26 weeks pregnant. Mowry's boyfriend, Mario Urzua, fell asleep driving her 2001 Lexus sedan near Warm Springs on U.S. 26. Urzua drove across the barrier, severely injuring another motorist and Mowry. Mowry was hospitalized with injuries to her head and uterus as well as a fractured clavicle. Her unborn baby died the following day. Mowry carried a "100/300" policy with Farmers Insurance—meaning she believed she'd get up to $100,000 per injured person, and up to $300,000 per crash involving her car.
Farmers said it would pay Mowry $25,000 for herself, and $25,000 for her unborn child. Her initial medical bills totaled about $40,000 but her attorney says future medical treatments and compensation for her pain and suffering pushes her client's expenses well past Farmers' offer.
"This is a classic example of a bait-and-switch," says Hala Gores, the Portland attorney preparing a lawsuit on Mowry's behalf. "Farmers paid the $100,000 maximum to the other driver...but they're only paying $25,000 for Mowry's own baby? It's just outrageous that they can do this." 3/7/2007
Editor: What ever happend to "Gets you back where you belong"? What ever happend to compassion? What ever happened to doing the right thing? Anyone heard of good will? Farmers Insurance will do whatever it takes to turn a profit even if it means low-balling a mother and her deceased unborn child who was insured with them.

Farmers Insurance lowballs House Fire"the insured's were offered $245,000 by Farmers for a $619,000 loss. This was just one scenario, in which Farmers would pocket the additional monies over the $245,000 in the policy needed by the homeowner for his loss. Others told of Farmers pocketing or trying to rip off insureds for varying amounts but usually $100,000 and up". Farmers Insurance Lowballs House Fire

Farmers Insurance Destroyed My Life "On July 11th 2006 the Sawtooth fire destroyed my home."..."I feel I have been completely railroaded by Farmer's even if I do not win in court I will do everything and anything to prevent this from happening to other family's" Farmers Insurance Destroyed My Life 1/20/07

Farmers Insurance Group has Worst Complaint Ratio "The Star’s analysis found that policyholders had filed 1,450 complaints nationwide over credit scoring in the last three years. Of those complaints, Farmers Insurance Exchange of Los Angeles topped the list..." "Farmers Insurance Exchange also had the highest complaint ratio among the 20 largest home insurers. In all, consumers filed more than 1,000 complaints against Farmers Insurance Exchange over claim delays, low-ball offers and other issues." Farmers Insurance Exchange is a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance Group. 12/10/06

Toxic Wreck Forces Family Out Of Home, Farmers Insurance Forces Them Back In A truck carrying 4,000 gallons of acid came slamming into the home in January. "After the wreck the Ochoa family moved into a hotel, but now Maria says their insurance company, Farmers, is forcing them to return to their Ceres home - even though the house still has damage."..."8 months after the accident their backyard remains trashed. Neither the fence, nor the brick sound wall have been replaced. “Would you feel safe with all this here? It breaks my heart that they're forced to live like this,” added Maria." See Video | Read Story 9/30/2006 Then in other news Farmers Insurance is advising "its customers suffering damage or having to evacuate their homes and property from the Day fires to immediately contact their Farmers agent or the Farmers 24 hour claims hotline" Our question is why?? So Farmers Insurance can tell them they have to return to their home like they did to the Ochoas? Farmers Insurance is the Worst!

Homeowners claim Farmers Insurance not paying for tornado damage Kevin M. and Debbie J. Hazlett are suing Illinois Farmers Insurance Co. for refusing to pay a five-month-old tornado damage claim. The Hazletts also claim a contractor they hired estimated that the home's damage exceeded $1 million, but that a software program used by Farmers estimated the loss at $470,791.07. The Hazletts claim Farmers Insurance is guilty of "compelling policyholders to institute suits to recover amounts due under its policies by offering substantially less than the amounts ultimately recovered in suits brought by them." 9/7/2006 Editor: Welcome to the world of Farmers Insurance claims. They deny claims, lowball claims and force you to file a lawsuit to get what is rightfully yours. If you have Farmers Insurance Beware! Drop Farmers Insurance before you need to file a claim, view a list of alternatives to Farmers Insurance.

Farmers Insurance encourages it's people to underpay claims "Please let your readers know that we recently entered into a public settlement with Farmers Insurance Exchange.  On behalf of our client we claimed Farmers delayed care and payment for care. The claim settled publicly  for  $200,000.00.  During this case I uncovered substantial evidence that Farmers encouraged it's people to underpay claims and thus act unreasonably."..."- Keith Frankl | $200K Settlement Agreement (583K download) Great job Keith! Posted 4/20/06

Farmers Insurance Bad Faith Lawsuit "I have previously sued Farmer's and gotten a $950,000 verdict for bad faith which did not include punitive damages when Farmer's refused to pay my client on an uninsured motorist claim when she was hit by a drunk driver who ran a redlight and she recieved a mild head injury." - David Sheller | See Verdict (636KB) Posted 5/4/2006

Courts Should Protect Insureds Against the Fine Print "Farmers’ reading of its own policy is quite self-serving and inaccurate...Too often, insurers take advantage of insureds who pay premiums to a "name" insurer and just assume that the coverage is fair and reasonable. Instead, it comes down to reading the fine print when an accident occurs and the complicated insurance language suddenly becomes more meaningful. Insureds are then surprised to find the company that they’ve been so loyal to is instead finding ways to contort the language to avoid coverage and payment under the policy." Full Story Posted 5/4/2006

Farmers Insurance News 2007

Farmers Insurance News 2006

Farmers Insurance News

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